Summer in the city

25 Juil

Back when I was on a payroll, I always volunteered to take my holiday off-season. Being childfree, I was more excited about the idea of getting some winter sun in Depressing December ®, than about leaving the city at the time I like it the most. It has this laid back vibe, people are more relaxed, there are free events coming up left and right.  Now that I’m a freelancer, the summer is usually a busy time for me. All the more reason to plan my holiday in the winter… Now that doesn’t mean I don’t get to mix things up a bit and spend July outside of Paris for once! So, here I am back in Berlin. I think that being mobile is one of the great perks of freelancing and I already spent a month in Berlin not long after I started my business back in late 2011. I’ve documented my stay through a series of posts, so check out the Berlin tag for more thoughts about working abroad, co-working, racial issues in Germany and Berlin newspapers.

While I aim at spending one month a year working away from home, some people have taken it to a whole other level…

Zoë Perry, The nomadic translator, has lived in five different countries in the past seven years, not bad!

Carla, the Globe-trotting Texan, is sometimes a translator, sometimes a travel writer, but always on the road.

A while ago, Sarah Vilece from Tanslating Berlin has given you quite a few reasons why you might want to take your freelance work abroad. Looking for tips to work and travel?

A year ago, Corinne MacKay from Thoughts on translation had a call about taking her business abroad. You can check both Part 1 and Part 2 on the Speaking of translation website

Marta Stelmaszak from Want Words has listed the essentials.

I hope I have inspired you!






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