It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…

16 Jan

Happy new year!  2013 is starting off, full of promises. You’ve reviewed 2012 and you’ve set new goals for the year to come. Maybe one of them is to get to know other translators, in which case, you should check the Matinales de la SFT if you’re in Paris. In those monthly breakfast sessions open to everyone, you get a chance to learn about a specific aspect of the profession and to share ideas with « colleagues ».

If one of your resolutions is to keep your languages in top-notch condition, last month session was loaded with helpful tricks. First, Eve Bodeux shared her ideas on how to maintain your command of your source language(s). Of course, as translators, we need to develop and maintain a perfect understanding of written text in all its nuances. Nothing is more effective for that task than extensive reading of all sorts materials. Same goes for the understanding of spoken language for those of us who work from audiovisual sources. That doesn’t mean we should give up on speaking and writing skills. Those can prove vey useful to communicate with our clients and earn their trust. So, if you’re not doing it already, you might want to consider skyping and writing to foreign friends or practice some interpreting exercises like shadowing.

Later on, Maria Marques explained how she came to create a « study group » with fellow Brazilian translators in Paris Cido and Evaldo. Every translator should take the time to work on their target language. This is especially important when you live away from your home country, as you easily loose touch with language evolution and pop culture trivia. The three Brazilians meet once a month to work on grammar, vocabulary and collocation. This is an awesome idea, but can only work with a small group of people you know and trust.

In any case, the next Matinales will take place this Saturday 19th of January and will deal with copy editors/publishing assistants. As someone who works both with the news business and the publishing industry, and who has gone through some training in copy editing at my last in-house job, I’ll be especially interested to learn more about the process.


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