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14 Nov

Pop culture is kind of my thing. While 70% of my business is finance or corporate communication related, a good 40% (yes, there is some overlap!) is somewhat linked to pop culture and this share is growing.  It is not a new thing either. My very first in-house job had me crowned as the Britney Spears expert and I spent lots of time during this period reading hip-hop magazines to improve my skills at subtitling rappers’interviews. So what does it take to specialize in pop culture? The same as with any other topic really. Read, read, read. Watch. Attend related events. Talk to people in the industry. Stay current.

If you grew up engrossed in silly fluffy things like sitcoms or comic books, it can’t hurt. Especially if you have the kind of stupid memory that holds on to the vainest stuff. But it is not enough. Pop culture surounds us. We absorb it all the time, but it is constantly evolving. So you have to stay on top of it exactly the same way you would make an effort to keep abreast of new developments in any industry you specialise in.

I watch webseries and read webcomics. I still read a lot of young adult fiction. Each season, I check out the new TV shows and read the reviews. I do these things because I enjoy doing them, but also because I think they help me get better at my job. In short, I believe in getting serious about the fluff!

Some pop culture links I love:

TV tropes

The fabulous and opinonated Tom and Lorenzo

The pretty awesome Network Awesome





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