Fin août début septembre*

31 Août

Here comes this time of the year again. I love it. The weather is still nice. People are coming back from holiday. And there is this exciting feeling of a fresh start as kids are heading back to school. Speaking of which, I’m having a reunion weekend very soon with some good friends from translation school and that reminds me of how glad I am I chose to study at my alma mater. Translators, especially freelancers (interestingly enough the three friends I’m meeting up with all have in-house jobs and have never worked as freelancers, while, I myself, have only been freelancing full time for a little more than a year) come from a variety of backgrounds. I don’t think that one path is better than the others, but if I had to do it all again, I’d still study at ESIT. You may find just as many reasons to go a different way, but here are my top three reasons (besides the education of course!) to prepare for the job in a translation school:

  • I met awesome like-minded people. Now, I’m not saying that everybody at the school was sprouting rainbow and instantly became my friend, but it was great meeting people with similar interests. I’m still in touch with some and know I can safely recommand them for a job.
  • I got the opportunity to do interesting internships. I remember how hard it was at University to get an internship at all, let alone an interesting one. Because there were more internships offers on the board than students in the school, I got the chance to do three great internships in my time at ESIT, one of which became my first job. All three placements were in industries I wanted to specialise in, which I did.
  • Today, years after I graduated, I still benefit from the school’s network. In fact, most of the in-house jobs I’ve had, I’ve heard of first through the alumni association. It has definitely had a huge impact on my career.



*fin août, début septembre




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