He may be able to fly all through the night but can he a rock a party till the early light?

21 Mai


I’m translating my first proper superhero comic book! Well « proper » might not be the right word here… See, I’m working on the Butcher Baker series created by Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston. And Butcher Baker is no boy scout. Unlike Superman, he doesn’t do the flying thing, but he certainly can satisfy a whole lot of ladies. And boy does he have a filthy mouth!

From a translator’s point of view, there is an interesting mix of profanity and philosophical considerations, and my favourite: cultural references galore. The editor wanted to stay as truthful to the original as possible and the readership is adult, so there is no shortage of foul speech in the French version.

As for the book itself, it is just a little out there.  The premises of the story are simple: a retired superhero is hired by the government to secretely blow up a high security prison for supervillains. Some of the villains survive and seek revenge. Mayhem ensues… litteraly. (Well, you’ll have to read it yourself to get that one). Mike Huddleston’s over-the-top artwork and his brilliant use of colour are the perfect match for Joe Casey’s oversexed superhero. The French version of Butcher Baker will be published this autumn by Label 619.

In other news, Le Tueur de la Green River, which I translated a few months ago, just came out and has been gathering good reviews so far. This beautiful thick book relates the disenchanted tale of the detective who tracked down serial killer Gary Leon Ridgway. Written by Jeff Jensen, the son of the detective, the graphic novel certainly doesn’t glamourise serial killers. Jonathan Case’s classic black and white artwork suits the atmosphere perfectly. Green River Killer was originally published by Dark Horse.


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