Le peuple migrateur

14 Nov

Quick recap from my latest post in French:

I have a fascination for migration flows. In fact, it was the subject of my master’s thesis. So, it is no surprise that I was intrigued by the initiative Route der migration, last October in Berlin.

Route der Migration

The project involved red containers such as the one pictured above disseminated around the city with books, pictures, texts and films documenting the history of migrants. It was nice to see guest workers, asylum seekers, and people in search of a new start from Vietnam, Turkey or Korea represented and their contribution acknowledged.

Not long before seeing the containers, I got a chance to catch a movie about a German-Turkish family, http://www.almanya-film.de/ It is just a light-hearted comedy and the ending is pretty weak, but it provides some funny insights about cultural shock and integration. I recommend it.

Now that was my last post about my stay in Berlin… that is until my next stay!


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