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12 Oct

« We curate the best TV, Film, and Video from the past to create something new for the future.  » Given my love for pop culture and my weakness for anything referential yet creative, how could I not fall in love with such a mission statement?

Network Awesome is a virtual TV channel with content curated from Youtube. Everyday, they broadcast six shows made of various links stitched together. They were present at Betahaus’ festival to give advice on how to get volunteers to help you on your projects. They advocated doing the following:

1- Make something cool.

Obviously, if you want to get people interested, you’d better not make something boring.

2- Connect with people who share common interests.

People tend to get more motivated when they feel a sense of community.

3- Make an open call for help.

If you need help, ask for it!

4- Actually open, read and respond to emails.

This may seem silly, but too many people disregard the messages they receive. You might miss out on help from competent people that way.

5- Assign specific jobs when possible.

Once you have a pool of volunteers, if someone is interested in a particular task and/or is very good at it, make them responsible for this.

6- Credit the individual as much as possible.

If people are helping you for free, the less you could do is to credit them for it.

7- Hire from the candidate pool.

Once you get the funds to actually hire somebody for cash, think about the people who’ve been helping you and who have done a great job.


Also making a presentation at Betahaus was the founder of http://doonited.com/

Doonited is an organisation aiming to inspire people to change the world by making one good deed a day. A bit idealistic for my jaded self, but the world needs more idealistic people, right? Anyway, its founder did a good job going through the phases of creating a start-up from idea to launch:

First, you need to get an idea. Some people are passionate about something and decide to create a project based on that. Others are passionate about entrepreneurship and have to work their way around getting an idea. Both are valid approaches.

Then, his advice is to talk about your idea to as many people as you can. That way, you’ll be able to gather some feedback. At this stage, any feedback should be of interest, including from people who know nothing of your industry, because quite often these will be your future customers!

Another reason why you should share your idea is that it will help you gather a group of people to lean on. It is important to have this group of supporters, as they will hep you through rough times and there will be rough times.

Finally, you should be able to get « all-in » in your project, which means leaving your day job if you had one to be able to devote yourself completely to your new venture. Obviously, you should think very carefully before taking the plunge.

And there it is, the launch!


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