Easy living*

2 Oct

There is something both relaxing and stimulating about Berlin, which is why I decided that it would be the perfect change of scenery to get my juices flowing. Also, getting a better grasp of the German market has been high on my list of priorities ever since I started this freelancing thing. Not to mention that being mobile was one of the big plusses I saw in being a freelancer. With all that in mind, I decided I would stay one month in my favourite European city (so far).

I’m working with my usual clients and everything is going smoothly. Just like Paris, Berlin is enjoying an Indian summer, which is just perfect as this Monday is a bank holiday (Tag der deutschen Einheit). Well, for me it will be business as usual, since my clients are not in Germany, but I will be enjoying coffee breaks on my sunny balcony. Stay tuned for my comments about yesterday’s Betahaus festival, coworking in Berlin and news about my graphic novel translations.

The place to be for coffee breaks!



from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0028816/

but also http://www.dvdclassik.com/Critiques/vie-facile-tourneur-dvd.htm


3 Réponses to “Easy living*”

  1. marion 2 octobre 2011 à 8:19 #

    have fun in Berlin 🙂

    • tongueincheck 3 octobre 2011 à 8:20 #

      Merci ! La version longue en français dans le texte suit bientôt.


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    […] a year ago, I wrote a series of posts about my one month stay in Berlin. As far as I’m concerned, being able to travel […]

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