It’s a shame (bis)… excuse my French!

26 Sep

It’s a shame sometimes how little things can take away from of a film or a show. I really like the series Damages, starring Rose Byrne and Glenn Close. The acting is good, the writing is excellent and no doubt that the styling is part of what landed Rose Byrne her recent spot as a guest judge on Project Runway. The latest season features two French characters, neither of which has a convincing accent in my opinion. But this is somewhat subjective.

What really got me is an episode where the French villain (an evil pharma executive) gets confronted by Glenn Close character, loses it and starts muttering some « French ». Quite frankly, even his « oui » betrayed him as a non-native, but the real funny part came when he called her « chienne manipulatrice ». I actually did not get the words he had pronounced until she said he had called her a manipulative bitch! Only an American TV character could understand this type of French!


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