Once more, with feeling*

13 Juil

Disclaimer: I am not an English speaker and this has not been edited or proofread. This is a recap from my previous post in French.

So, working as a translator, you get confronted with a lot of ignorant if not downright rude questions and comments. I don’t know what it is about the profession that inspires such gems as:

« Why, you must be really good at foreign languages! » (No, I just pretend, but don’t tell my clients!), « That sounds like so much fun! » (As opposed to your job? And why does it sound like I’m spending my day eating bon-bons and painting my toenails?), « So, you’re still busy with these little translations of yours? »(Are you asking me if I still hold a position as Senior translator for Weonlyrecruitthebest Corp, because I dont quite get the question), « Why don’t you teach languages instead? » (Because I am not a teacher?), « I can speak four languages » (That’s great. I can do a handstand and a cartwheel, can you?), etc.

Surely, I must not be the only one who shies away from telling what it is I do for a living for fear of getting ambushed. Recently, things have been getting better though. I guess I’ve found a better way of explaining briefly what I do and swiftly changing the subject. Tip: « I translate xyz type of documents from this language to that language for abc type of clients. Oops my glass is empty » works better than « I’m translator. The weather’s nice ». That might help correct some misconceptions.



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